Advocacy and Legislation

At the Coalition for Public Schools we believe that there is strength in numbers and that the more of us involved in making our voices heard in support of our free, appropriate, inclusive public education systems the better. Please take a moment to review how you can help support your neighborhood public schools below:

Attend Upcoming Coalition Events

The Coalition for Public Schools is hosting a series of meetings across the state to discuss the value of public education and to talk about ways that communities can get involved to support public schools. Attendees are encouraged to support their neighborhood public schools both in their community and with local and statewide advocacy.  You can link to the schedule of those meetings here.

How to Get Involved: Seven Steps to Getting Involved for Individuals

  • Register to vote.
  • Vote in every election.
  • Read, listen and gather information about candidates and issues – always cast an informed vote.
  • Ask questions – ask your local school teachers, principal, superintendent and board member how you can help support your neighborhood public school through advocacy.
  • Ask questions of your legislators regarding issues that affect your neighborhood public schools.
  • Let your legislators hear from you often regarding issues that affect your schools – The Coalition for Public Schools can help you with this!
  • Thank your legislators when they do something you like.

How to find your legislator

  • Please click here and fill out the form under “Who Represents Me?” to find your state legislators
  • Please click here to find your national legislators

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information or support. You may contact us by mail, email or phone at:

  • The Coalition for Public Schools – PO Box 160665 – Austin, Texas 78716
  • Charles Luke, Ed.D. – – P: 940-768-8594


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