Supporting Strong Public Schools for All Texas Children

Education vouchers are a distraction from what really matters:
Our children's education.

About Us

The Coalition for Public Schools stands strong in our efforts to ensure that ALL Texas children receive the opportunity for a quality, public education. Founded in 1995, the Coalition for Public Schools is comprised of religious, child advocacy, and education organizations representing more than 3,000,000 Texans statewide.
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At the Coalition for Public Schools we believe that there is strength in numbers and that the more of us involved in making our voices heard in support of our free, appropriate, inclusive public education systems the better. We offer a number of ways to help you support your neighborhood public schools.
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The Coalition for Public Schools stands firmly opposed to vouchers and the diversion of much-needed tax dollars away from Texas public schools. Texas is 47th in the nation in public school funding. Instead of taking more money away from Texas children through vouchers and voucher schemes, we believe the state should fund education both adequately and equitably.
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